It’s a simple question, Am I a People Pleaser or a Self Seeker?

Was that kind act really as selfless as I would like to make out and was I really doing it to please you? Or am I really looking to steal some guilty pleasure from helping you out?

Self seeking is described as people pleasing as we say that we can’t say “No” when asked to do a task that we may not wish to do and thus we are people pleasing.

You always have a choice!

To say “No” is a choice, it may be a hard choice to make but if you can say truthfully that it’s the right choice to make, look for the courage to say the words and live with your decision.

Self seeking is looking to steal pleasure from the act of helping others, I say I’m helping you because I’m trying to please you, when really all I am doing is feeding my own ego in the praise that I will receive from completing the task and in the story telling to others of my good deeds.

Many great deeds can be accomplished by people taking the time to help their fellow man, but a truly selfless act requires neither praise nor notoriety amongst one’s fellows. Try it; do one act to help somebody else and not be found out nor tell anyone of the deed and see if you can manage it, it’s not always easy.

Don’t hind behind the fear of doing what you know in your heart to be right, look for the courage to say no if need be.

Be honest about your motives, not to me or anyone else but to yourself and ask yourself honestly…

Am I a People Pleaser or am I really a Self Seeker?

Only you truly know the answer 🙂 x

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