Actions Speak Louder than Words!!

Does what I say Really measure up to the actions that I take?

It’s one of those phrases that people tend to say and one that I found annoying in the past, but more and more relevant at this current point in my life.

Am I true to my word or do the actions I take tell a different story than the one being told so eloquently from my lips?

It may be the case that your intentions are pure of heart, but without being followed up by the necessary action these are but hollow words….

Of course I’ll do that for you….
I’m sorry it totally slipped my mind…

Of course I have morals….
“Did you take the last….”
“No, it wasn’t me!” (I shouldn’t have done that…now she’s gonna blame…)

Learn to ‘Live the words that you Speak’. Think next time before you agree to do something or before you feel yourself slipping back into a lie..

In this life we are judged by the actions of our deeds, not by our words of intent. Strive to close the gap between the reality of what you actually do and the words that you speak.

Circumstances may not always fall within the realm of anything that you could have hoped to control, but ask yourself this honestly…

Did I honestly take every action possible to be true to my word, or was my intent so flimsy that the words I said so enthusiastically may as well have been a lie for what weight they carried??

Good luck to you on your journey today, I hope you find the fulfilment that you may seek through your actions not words this day 🙂 x

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