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To make up for the mistakes of one’s past,

To be redeemed in the eyes of one fellows,

To prove that you have truly changed your ways,

We all live with the scars of past mistakes,

Every choice and decision has made me into the person I am today,

I would not be as so arrogant to say that I have lived a perfect life,

Or that the angel I can sometimes portray to the outside world would be an accurate account of my true nature,

The first step towards redemption is to take responsibility for ones actions,

The second step is to live with the consequences of those decisions and realise that although you may wish to atone and mend your ways,

For some the moment when you may be ready to atone and face your demons, may not be a time when they wish to forgive.

Trust once so freely given when lost, can be a hard thing to earn once more

But there comes a point where you have to let go,

Not forget!

But Let Go,

You can only offer so many apologise,

Do so many good deeds, which in the grand scheme of things lead you to believe that you’re truly changing and atoning for your past,

But if the person or persons whom which you wish to atone, are unable to see past the darkness of the person you once were,

Then it may be that all you can do is walk away….

At least for now,

No person however far you may feel you have fallen is not worth saving,

Most days hope can be your ally, in the darkest moments of your life,

That urge never to give up and un-explainable faith that things will get better,

To walk away is not to admit defeat or to shirk one’s responsibilities,

Sometimes the best thing you can do is nothing,

For to take further action would only cause more harm,

You may be at peace with your past,

But some scars run deep and leave marks no words so sweetly spoken could ever hope to heal.

I’m at peace with my past,

Though those around me may be unwilling to let go,

For me all that is left it to look towards my future,

Whether you be in my life or not,

I have admitted my faults and taken action towards setting things right,

The rest is up to you,

I tire of fighting to prove that I have changed and taking the brunt of past anger,

It is not by choice that I have walked away from parts of my life,

But to realise the there is little else I can do and that to stay would cause more harm than good,

Change does not come easy,

It is not a simple victory that can be won by a few good deeds or uttering but some simple words of apology,

All I can do is pray that I am truly a different man,

From whom I used to be,

And that those I love will come to see this in their own time…

I do this not only for you but for me also,

Redemption sought for the sake of another,

To solely regain one’s favour is not a truth in itself.

Regardless of what you may think of me,

I am who I am that’s all I can be,

And I pray one day you will finally see,

The lost and angry man you used to know,

Is not the true me… Xx


I’m sorry

I’m sorry

Two simple words

I’m sorry

How often have we said these words?

I’m sorry I’m late… I’m sorry I didn’t mean to say that… I’m sorry I didn’t know you wanted that…

How often have we said these words and how often do we really stop and think about why it is that we are apologising.

Have these words become such that it’s more an instinctive reaction when we sense that we are in trouble, words that role so easily off the tongue that we find that we have said them even before we have considered why it is that we are a actually saying them.

To say sorry, to admit we were wrong, shows strength not weakness, but the strength lies in recognising the harm caused be it great or small and not repeating the same mistake in future situations.

If like me you got to a point in your life where you’ve said these simple words so many times, without the consideration of your miss deeds, then the power or depth and weight these words once held had long since dissipated.

If we apologies but fail to learn from our mistakes, then eventually these words will become meaningless in the hearts and minds of others, for what good it will do, you may as well scream them at the top of your voice, but however loud you shout all that will be heard is but silence or a whisper by the intended party.

“No sweeter a word said can touch the heart and mind of another and mend a broken soul, unless the heart and mind be open to hearing those words, they fall upon deaf ears”

So what do you say if you can’t say sorry…

Try saying

I Was Wrong!

You may be thinking to yourself what’s the difference, is it not the same as saying “I’m sorry”?

When we say “I was wrong” we are making a clear cut statement that we were wrong. Sorry tends to at time be followed by the words “but” or by some other justification

I’m sorry I’m late, but my bus was late

In the above statement we have offered an apology and began to own responsibility for our mistake; then immediately passed the blame onto somebody else.

It’s the bus drivers fault not mine, if only he’d turned up on time then I wouldn’t be late, but if we are honest did we really leave ourselves enough time to make the journey or are we blaming somebody else for our inability to plan ahead and leave at a reasonable time in the morning?

To say “I was wrong” leaves no wiggle room as I like to call it, it says to the other person that we know we are at fault

ONLY if followed by the reasons why we were wrong!!

Why not give it a try

Instead of saying sorry, take a moment and say “I was wrong” followed by you acknowledging to the other person why it is that you are indeed wrong.

This is not to say that everything is your fault, there may be occasions where the circumstances are beyond anything that you could have prevented. It’s about taking ownership for your own actions and looking at the part you played and disregarding all others involved, where were you wrong not him, or her or them but YOU!!

The next step would be to make an amends for your wrong, but that’s another thought for another day….

Good luck to you on your journey 🙂 x