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What does it mean?


Am I really willing to take said course of action or am I just saying that I am?

Does my mind tell that I am willing to engage and follow the way of logic?

But does my behavior as expressed by my actions dictate that the path I follow displays a fundamental unwillingness to change?

“I know it worked for him or her, I’ve seen the proof! how then can I not give it a try when my way clearly isn’t working”

What then is stopping me from being willing?

The answer to this question is Me!!

There’s a Vast difference between Knowing the right path and Walking the right path.

To take Action is the key,

It is a gift unto to which no man or woman can give another,
For it is a deep routed desire or a feeling of absolute conviction that must come from within one’s self

Only you can answer this question if you be Willing to Honestly look at yourself

Thus I ask this question again:

What then is stopping me from being willing?

Could it be Fear?

Fear of the unknown

It could be said that “it is easier to walk the path most familiar, than to venture out into unchartered terrain”

Nothing in Life is can be planned out so absolute as to say the outcome can be determined to 100% degree of accuracy,

For every decision, every course of action inevitably has some element of unknown risk

Willingness to change is to face that risk,

To take a leap of faith and trust in ourselves or others or in a power that lies beyond the realm of what man can perceive

That whatever it is that we are to change will take course and the outcome will be as it is meant to be

So often we are unwilling to do so if the path seem undesirable or too strenuous despite the logic that we may see in doing or taking said course of action.

“Nothing changes, if NOTHING CHANGES

Let go of what is in your mind, and ask only Honesty of thy own Heart

Only you can answer the question

Am I willing?

If the answer be Yes,

Have the courage to take that inevitable leap of Faith in taking the necessary action required


To Make Amends,

What does that really mean?

Isn’t sorry enough?

To make an amends is completely different from saying that you are sorry, for an amends is not so simple as to say a few sweet words of apology to make up for your misdeeds it goes further than that and shows true strength in you acknowledging the nature of the harm that you have caused.

Before you make an amends and approach the injured party, pause for a moment….

Look for the truth in the behaviour that you have just displayed, be it a lie that you told or some other action that caused harm to another

In looking at the truth in your behaviour, you can see what caused you to act in this way… Was it a fear of the unknown that caused you to lie? Is it that you did not realise that your behaviour was not the normal accepted response?

We are all creatures of habit and unless we see our behaviour as objectionable then we are unlikely to change and we will soon be back at this same point as we are most definitely due to repeat this same course of action.

Put yourself in the other persons shoes

How would I have felt if this had been done to me?

What areas of their life were affected by my actions?

Did me not turning up for work that day cost my employer money and a colleague their day off to cover for me?

Did my failure to pay my sister the money when I said I would leave her financially hard up and have to borrow money from a third party?

Putting yourself in the shoes of the person that you caused harm will enable you to acknowledge your behaviour honestly, not just in your mind but feel it in your heart.

You will know then why it is that you need to make the amends or repair that which has been broken, which in most cases is usually the trust of the other person.

Be honest about the harm you have caused, ALL OF IT, even that which the other person may not be aware of….

To be truly free and “walk in the sunlight of the spirit”, we have to shine a light on the darkness within each of us that would not would not wish others to see…

When you have have finished speaking with the other person ask them this question

Is there anything that I can do to make an amends to you?

It’s a hard thing to do, and you may not like what you are asked to do but show courage in your conviction and follow through on yours words with the necessary action.

Try it, before you begin to say sorry try putting yourself in the other persons shoes and fully acknowledging why it is that you are apologising…

Then ask them the question and follow through with the necessary action

Next you ‘may’ wish to make amends to those who you have caused harm to but perceive that they have wronged you in some way but that’s a though for another day

Good luck to you and I hope you find the freedom in the truth that you seek 🙂 x



To be resentful

What does that really mean?

“Resentment is the number one offender”


A good friend of mine recently described resentment as “the inability to deal with and properly process the emotions that occur during certain situations…. Instead of formulating a response and dealing with the situations as and when they occur, we bottle up the feelings and emotions felt and replay or relive the incident during morbid reflection.”

You may be thinking what the hell am I going on about but let me explain

Have you ever perceived that somebody has done something wrong to you? Maybe said or did something to make you feel angry, scared or any one in the vast range of negative emotions that we feel as humans, resentment is not only dependant upon you feeling angry at a situation though usually anger plays a MASSIVE part in it.

So this incident has happened; have you dealt with if properly? By that I mean not just did you tell the other person or express some form of a reaction, did fully process how you were feeling at that moment in time and see the truth in why you were feeling that way?

Or did you simply say to yourself like I do so often in my life that, I’m not gonna let this affect me and push all thoughts of the incident to the depths of your mind, knowing honestly “I’m still holding a grudge.”


I should have said…..

If only I’d…..

Why couldn’t she……

I knew I should have……


Have you ever asked yourself these questions or a host of many others about a situation, long after it had occurred? If you have then my friend I tell you that you are holding onto a resentment.

Do not feel disheartened, it is my beliefs that resentment is a natural part of the human psyche, its not always easy to process situations honestly as they occur and see the truth, but what you do next is what shows strength and courage.

Can you look honestly at your part in that resentment? By that I mean disregard all persons, places and things that were involved in the situation and look honestly at the part that YOU played.

What defects of character were you acting out upon in that particular situation?

Selfishness, self-centredness, arrogance, Pride, Ego, dishonesty, Fear…. These are but a few there are many more to look at if we are to see the light and truth of the resentment.

For example am I really holding on to that resentment about my sister because I know honestly in my heart that I’ve lied to her and not confessed my sins for a past transgression, and so I am projecting the anger I feel towards myself onto her and overacting to what might be really an insignificant situation.

Is my fear of being found out or of being honest and rejected stopping me from saying what needs to be said.

This is just brushing the surface of how to do an honest and thorough moral inventory and look at the truth in whats really driving my behaviour and it’s a skill that comes through practice which I’ve only recently taken up again after much pain and discomfort (I’m talking emotionally not physically, but send me an email if you would like me to explain fully).

Not every situation will be your fault, however I have no control over the actions of others, in order for me to grow I must constantly look at the part in which I play and where I was wrong if I am to grow.

So next time you start to feel resentful about a person, place or thing, stop for a moment…

WRITE down the areas of your life that have been affected by this resentment…

Then WRITE down what part you played in that incident, what defects of character are you acting out upon that are causing you to feel this way?

The TRUTH may surprise you and if you can SHARE your findings with another person in your life that you trust who may be able to see the things that you cannot see in yourself.

This is not a method that I have recently come up with myself, it’s part of a program that I follow and have been guided through, practiced by millions of people around the world. If you would like to more just let me know

Good luck with your day and hope you find the peace you deserve through the truth that I hope you seek 🙂 x