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Have you ever considered how much of what you display is an act and how much of it is the real you?

All of us play roles at some point in our lives, but where does the role stop and the real person inside begin.

Take meeting a perspective partner for the first time.

On that first instance, the first approach there is an element of acting involved.


It’s the age old dance that men and women play whatever your preference may be.

Like an interview you only get one chance to sell yourself and make a good first impression, to your perspective other.

I may be quiet, timid and insecure but on that first approach, those are the less favourable qualities of my character that I do not display.

The man you meet could maybe be seen as an exaggeration of my better qualities, but to some degree that is not the real me only the light side of the coin.


In my working life I play a different role.

Training and experience has enabled me to be able to handle certain situations that would cause many to fail.

This however is not so much an act but could be considered to be such if the confidence that I display in a familiar situation of which I’ve learned responses; is not the behaviour that I display in my everyday life.

Therein could be the problem that you may face and ask yourself, where does the actor or actress in me that has learned what the necessary response may be finish and where does the variety of my true nature and character begin?


I think to some degree I’ve always been an actor, able to assess situations and formulate the appropriate response to whatever life may throw at me.

The problem starts when you are unable to take off the multitude of masks and costumes that you may wear.

Worker, Husband, Wife, Father, Mother, Son, Daughter, CEO, Boss

All of these roles are the building blocks of your character, the person you portray, but are they really you deep down inside?

Being true to one’s self may often mean sacrificing parts of one’s self and compromising on certain beliefs…

“I was a career oriented woman or man until we had our first child”

Things that once drove you to strive to achieve are no longer the focal points of your life,

“I used to work late nights but it means more to me now to tuck my son or daughter in, than to spend that extra hour at the office”


As a parent you make sacrifices every day, for those you love as you put their needs ahead of your own.

This is not the actions of an actor, but the actions of the Love you poses.

We all play different roles in life,


Different circumstances may cause us to change our outer shell,

But for me it is most important to stay true to who we are.


To let someone completely in and see the true you, is the greatest expression of honesty,

My joys and successes,

My fears and my woes,


To be an actor bares no shame, sometimes we all need to take on certain roles,

But to deny one’s self fully, is a greater sin,


The true self is always changing,

I am no more the man I was yesterday,

As today had changed me into something else

But at my core,

I know who I am,

As you know who you are.



Only you can decide

🙂 Xx


Am I Standing Still or Am I Moving Backwards?

It’s a simple enough question, but what does it really mean?

In life we perceive that we are always in a state of perpetual motion, going about our daily lives as we not only do what is necessary to survive but that which brings us some measure of joy.

I’m not talking about standing still in the sense of one who stands still to best perceive the beauty in the wonders all around us, be that the small acts of kindness that go unnoticed or the essence of nature which is in a constant state of change

I’m talking about standing still in the sense of:

Where am I going in life? What is my ultimate aim? What is it that is driving me and where is it taking me?

Be you of a spiritual nature not necessarily defined by any particular religious faith, are you true to your beliefs? Do you have the faith in the power guiding you to walk the path that has been laid at your feet?

Or by your own judgement have you become stagnate and long since lost that faith or drive that you once had?

The key factor in the above question is in the ACTIONS that you take each day

“I’m unhappy with my job….”

What have you done to look for a new job? Have you updated or EVEN created a CV and applied anywhere new?

“I want to get fit…”

Do you actually exercise or just talk about it? Have you sought out advice on how to best start or have you done the usual and joined a gym, gone for about a week and given up as the results were not instantaneous, or the effort required was more than you expected?

“I don’t want to be on my own anymore…”

What are you doing to meet someone new? Are you trying different activities where you may meet someone with commons interests? Are you open to those around you who may care for you that way as often we look so hard for that we seek that we miss whats right in front of our eyes (not to say that you should try chat up all of your close female or male friends), but do I put myself out there and talk to women or men or do I wait for them to approach me?

I’ve just given a few examples but the list could be endless.

When we make a decision to change or to take on a new endeavor, at it’s foundation we have some measure if faith or drive that will be needed to accomplish that task

But somewhere along the line that faith or drive waivers and we perceive that we are standing still when really we are going Backwards.

We all need time to figure out our path in this life as the road ahead is bumpy and winding our sense of direction is not always clear. But be careful not to take too long deciding your inevitable fate for you will see life pass you by, and the road you will need to walk to get back to where you once were will be much greater.

The word ‘Trudge’ is one I have come to love for it means ‘to walk with purpose’

Trudge forward each day, be your steps big or small and hope you move closer and closer to your happy destiny 🙂 Xx

Actions Speak Louder than Words!!

Does what I say Really measure up to the actions that I take?

It’s one of those phrases that people tend to say and one that I found annoying in the past, but more and more relevant at this current point in my life.

Am I true to my word or do the actions I take tell a different story than the one being told so eloquently from my lips?

It may be the case that your intentions are pure of heart, but without being followed up by the necessary action these are but hollow words….

Of course I’ll do that for you….
I’m sorry it totally slipped my mind…

Of course I have morals….
“Did you take the last….”
“No, it wasn’t me!” (I shouldn’t have done that…now she’s gonna blame…)

Learn to ‘Live the words that you Speak’. Think next time before you agree to do something or before you feel yourself slipping back into a lie..

In this life we are judged by the actions of our deeds, not by our words of intent. Strive to close the gap between the reality of what you actually do and the words that you speak.

Circumstances may not always fall within the realm of anything that you could have hoped to control, but ask yourself this honestly…

Did I honestly take every action possible to be true to my word, or was my intent so flimsy that the words I said so enthusiastically may as well have been a lie for what weight they carried??

Good luck to you on your journey today, I hope you find the fulfilment that you may seek through your actions not words this day 🙂 x