How did it happen again? 

 Early in the Evening:

Phone Rings


“Hello mate its how’s it going?”


“Alright Tim not too bad what you up to?”


“You fancy coming out tonight? Everyone’s going down the club,

been ages since we last saw you”


“No not tonight mate I think I’ll stay in  and have a quiet one”

(I’d love to go out but I promised myself I wouldn’t drink this week)

“Oh come on mate you got to come out everyone’s going

at least say you’ll come for one, its Sarah’s birthday

you got to come celebrate you got no excuse”


(I don’t know if I should go last time I got wrecked and made a fool of myself….but he did say just a couple I’ll

go for one just to be social It’d be rude not to)


“All right mate I’ll come but just for one and to wish Sarah a

happy Birthday, but cant stay for long”

“Excellent mate I’ll pick you up in an hour”


“Alright see you in a bit”


“See you in a bit, tonight gonna be great just  you wait

 got the whole gang back together again”


(Did I make the right decision? its been three weeks and my family finally

starting to trust me again after last time……

but I’m only going for one there’s no harm in that……

and it has been a while since I’ve seen Tim, Sarah and my friends,

It wont happen this time, I’ll only have one…..

It’ll be okay………)


Later that Night in the club:

“I thought you said you were just gonna have one”


“I was but it’s a party mate and a couple beers

never hurt anyone”


“New you couldn’t just have one, I’m glad you decided

to stay out tonight, I’ve missed you the past few weeks”


“Yeah It’s great to be back don’t remember why I left…….” (continued)

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