I’m Sorry

I’m Sorry if I don’t live up to your Standards,

But it’s not my fault you can’t See,

That there is only one true version of Me,


I’m Sorry is a word I used to say to you,

Before I’d had a chance to really think it throuhg,


So many days I used to agonize,

Why do I have this need to look Perfect in your eyes?

Why did it take me so long to realise? 


This Shit ain’t worth it,

My life ain’t Perfect,

But the way I feel today,

I know that I’m Worth It


I was once Sorry for Me,

Now I’m Sorry for You,

I’m Sorry you cut us short and didn’t want to see this through,


I’m Sorry for all the moments that we will miss,

To Touch, To Hold, To Share a Kiss,


I’m Sorry that you could not wait to See,

That there is so much more to Me,


I used to say Sorry and thought that I meant it

But not anymore…


I’m not Sorry for who I am,

Whether your in my life or not…

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