Who am I???

Well what do u wanna know???

No really tell me 🙂

Its not really one of those questions that I find easy to answer one of those “describe yourself in x amount words types” I dont really see things as that cut n dry. I’m still working on the answer to the question above but I guess I could give you a brief snapshot into the person I am today.

I guess you u could say that I am not your average 24 going on 25 year old, its only in the past year that I’ve managed to grow up enough to join the working world n get a proper job, pay bills n do all the other things that reponsible adults my age are supposed to be doing.

I live in South East London and work for a media company 2020Media been here just over year and got the job as part of an apprenticeship scheme but only just last month started the college part of my job

I think for me its probably the first job that I’ve had where I’ve been challenged in what I have been asked to do & not just do the same thing over n over again and I enjoy my work which has enabled me to use past experiences that I gained through studies (I went to Colfes School by the way Class of 2004 & Durham University for a year 2004-5) into practical uses as well as gain a host of new skills n I would say that I love my job 🙂

Ok that the work part out of the way 🙂 So what about the rest…

Well I’m really into sport, rugby mainly which I’ve played since about the age of 12 but been a while since I been on the field.

Not really that into football although I am an Arsenal supporter, it’s not that I don’t enjoy watching a game every now and then i.e. a league final, a cup match or the world cup; but I don’t have that somewhat obession that most guys seem to have that they know everysingle football fact since way back when and know what going on week in week out. I tried it for a while n got a bit bored so i think I’ll stick to my method when it comes to football.

To be Continued…….. (my blog a bit of a work in progress a bit like me n I’ll update things as I go along) 😉